Designer Masaba Gupta caught Milind Soman snacking and we are shocked!

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Created: Dec 2, 2019, 21:00 IST


Actor, supermodel and runner Milind Soman has set up high standards when it comes to fitness. The actor crossed the age of 50 but his fitness levels are an inspiration to many. Not hard to guess, a healthy lifestyle along with a regular workout regime is the secret behind Milind’s fit body. He is a runner and has not gone to the gym in the last 20 years.

Milind’s cheat meal

Masaba Gupta shared in one of her recent Instagram stories a picture of Milind eating chips and chocolate biscuits. He was seen scrolling down his phone and enjoying chips and biscuit without any guilt. Was this his cheat meal?

Well, we can’t be so sure of it. But yes, eating our favourite junk once in a while is absolutely normal is what we understand by looking at these pictures.

What is a cheat meal?

As the name suggests, a cheat meal is a single meal that is completely different from your planned diet. The theory behind having a cheat meal or cheat day is that by allowing yourself a brief period of indulgence, you will be able to stick to your prescribed plan easily. It is a reward-based strategy.

There are no guidelines on how frequently you can have a cheat meal. Some indulge in one per week while others indulge in one in two days. It all depends on what a person’s weight is and what his/her goals are.

Does the idea of cheat meal really work?

It is claimed that using cheat meals will lead to metabolic changes in the body composition and improved metabolic function due to fluctuation in the hunger hormone leptin.

For some people, this reward-based strategy works as a motivation to stick to their diet plan. Though cheat meals should be appropriately planned and should not be considered a free ticket to overeating.

But it’s completely okay to indulge in your favourite food if it helps you to stick to your diet plan on other days. But people with eating disorders should not try it.

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