Flu Activity on the Rise in Florida, Health Department Says


Stephanie Coueignoux


PUBLISHED 2:30 PM ET Dec. 23, 2019
PUBLISHED 2:30 PM EST Dec. 23, 2019


ORLANDO, Fla. – The latest numbers are out, and, according to the Florida Health Department, flu activity is on the rise. 

  • Flu activity on the rise in Florida
  • Health officials are encouraging people to get flu shots
  • Make sure you wash your hands to keep germs at bay 

There have been 17 outbreaks in week 50 this season, versus four the week before. A total of three flu-associated pediatric deaths have been reported in Florida this season—the last reported just last week.

These numbers are why health officials are urging people to get their flu shot if they haven’t already done so, especially with people traveling and visiting loved ones this holiday season.

From gas pumps and escalator railings to door knobs—germs are everywhere.

It takes two weeks for a flu shot to completely protect you, so in the meantime experts say your best bet is to wash your hands. And soap and water are still more effective than hand sanitizer.​

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