Playback / Instagram Jobson, from Santos, during a valid match for the Campeonato Paulista

This Saturday the Paulista Championship will have a classic without the presence of an audience. As determined by the FPF, the departure between São Paulo and Santos, scheduled for Morumbi, will be held with the gates closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The midfielder Jobson regretted this scenario and considered that the suspension of matches could be the measure to be adopted by the federation.

“The cancellation is perhaps the one that we debate the most. I followed some programs before training saying that opening a stadium costs money, and there will be no fans to pay for the employees who are working. Stoppage is perhaps the right thing, but it is not for me to say whether to stop or not ”, he said.

Santos was directly affected by two different decisions involving the coronavirus pandemic. After all, the day before the FPF determined that matches in the city of São Paulo be held without the presence of fans, the club saw Conmebol decide to postpone the Copa Libertadores games scheduled for the next one – the team would host Olimpia.

“This coronavirus issue caught everyone and we cannot be the only ones to think that things are normal and under control. From the moment that specialists, people focused on the case, think that for the time being it is possible to play with closed gates, we will play ”, added Jobson, during a press conference at CT Rei Pelé.

Before the classic against São Paulo, Santos played a game with closed gates, but by punishment imposed by Conmebol, last Tuesday, in the 1-0 victory over Delfín, in the Libertadores Cup. Jobson lamented the “wake” scenario, as he defined it. “Everything changes. The closed gates hinder the spectacle, there is a wake environment instead of a festive atmosphere, where everyone wants to stand before the fans for the party ”, he concluded.

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