Doctors in a pharmacy in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.
Doctors in a pharmacy in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. / XINHUA / CAI YANG (Europa Press)

The coronavirus crisis has infected the markets and threatens to take away much of the economy. But in this case, the pharmaceutical sector has before it the opportunity to make the problem profitable. Every move in search of a vaccine or improvements in treatments and tests on the virus suppose very sudden fluctuations in the prices. At the moment, the Anglo-French Novacyt and the North American Aytu BioScience take the cake: the former has appreciated more than 600% on the Stock Exchange since the beginning of the year. And the second has skyrocketed this week and doubled in value in a very turbulent day on Wall Street.

The increase in Novacyt is due to the molecular test announced by the company, which serves to diagnose the virus. Its action ended last year with a value of 0.169 euros and this Friday closed at 1.29 euros. A world between one and another quote.

Aytu BioScience suffered at the beginning of the year. In January it lost 25% of its value, the same figure as in February. However, so far in March, it has appreciated more than 80%. The growth experienced is due to the agreement reached in the United States to be the distributor of the Covid-19 rapid test, which has boosted it in the markets in recent weeks.

Spanish firms have taken advantage of only a few sessions to experience great increases. But the lack of results for the moment leaves almost all of them in negative territory so far this year. The one that suffers the least from the markets is PharmaMar (-6% in 2020), which announced this Friday that its treatment against the coronavirus is ready to be tested in infected patients, which catapulted it to the Stock Market by 33%.


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