Turkey Pasta Industrialists Association Chairman Abdulkadir Kulahcioglu, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) from the epidemic because there will be no price increase in pasta, reported that stocks were adequate.

In his statement, Külahçıoğlu said that due to the coronavirus, interest in basic food materials in the markets has increased.

Emphasizing that the demand for pasta has intensified, Külahçoğlu pointed out that monthly sales have been made in the last 2 days.

Külahçıoğlu stated that the citizens are anxious because of the exorbitant prices on some e-commerce sites and the claims that the stocks are exhausted.

“The exorbitant prices in pasta prices do not reflect the truth. Our industry does not have such an approach, nor should it. The consumption of products in the markets should not create a panic atmosphere. Our country's production capacity is much higher than the current consumption. Our wheat stocks are also suitable, there are 2 months for the crop period. No problems arise. “

pasta production makes 24 Pointing out that Kulahcioglu factory in Turkey, “We met with all factories. 7 days, 24 hours, 3 shifts working our consumers pasta, we will continue to provide the correct and current prices. You do not need to be experienced any panic. For months enough to have our stock.” said.


Külahçıoğlu warned citizens not to consider artificial prices on the internet and said:

“In our sector do not have any price increase. There was some opportunistic e-commerce sites that want to use it. They will also give our people the best answer. Our industry no company, not such an initiative in re-pricing study in question. 24 pasta factory full capacity in Turkey There is no situation requiring stocking. Many companies postponed their export demands and addressed the needs of the domestic market. We are rapidly dispatching products to markets to relieve domestic consumption. I emphasize that there will be no changes in our prices. ”

Turkey is, after Italy reminded that the world's biggest exporter of pasta Kulahcioglu “Pasta exports started with an increase in 2020. In January-February, our exports increased by 13 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. When we consider the demands, we see that the increase will be reflected in the coming periods. Demands from the Far East and Europe to Turkish pasta. increased case. as an industry, our priority is to meet the needs of consumers in Turkey. our production capacity is 2 million tons in total. this is a level that can meet the needs of Turkey too. ” used the expression.


Arbella Pasta General Manager Gülçin Arslan Hazar emphasized that there is no price increase in pasta and said:

“Consumers should not be deceived by the prices on e-commerce sites. The prices on the manufacturers' own websites are not different from market prices. Such a panic environment is created, but there is no problem in the producers, in the stocks. The markets have also taken their precautions. . “

Turkey is one of the world's leading pasta production centers that attracted attention Caspian, “In Turkey, I would say very comfortable that there is enough of pasta stock. One of the reasons more than enough preparation done because of the coming of the month of Ramadan. There inventory than normal. However, all relevant chain stores with the planning took place. Citizens with emergency needs, the company instead of e-commerce sites they can go to their own website. ” he spoke.

Caspian stated that they do not make any price increase and they will not do, “All the precautions regarding the interest in pasta have already been taken. found the assessment.


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