Clay with the use of hemp textile industry in Denmark can fold the volume of trade with Turkey. Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkey-Denmark Business Council Chairman Ellis Slim, noting that there may be new projects to be executed between the two countries, “an R & D visit, including industrial hemp production areas in Denmark and the technologies used are underway on the implementation,” he said . overall agricultural and food trade activities between Denmark and Turkey, health, energy and technology headlines out advance that expresses fine when viewed on agricultural area of ​​Denmark, will occur is allocated to agriculture, 62 percent is quite high and has a potential in this regard as a European country stressed that.

In agriculture in Denmark cooperative process reminiscent of that with 150 years of history Fine, “Our primary aim Tire, located in Turkey with the cooperative Dairy, Farm Credit as operability proof meat co-operatives to exchange ideas by bringing together and mutually produce new projects open to development ” said.


  • Stating that the benefits of these projects cannot be denied on behalf of both countries, İnce said that the use of medical cannabis in the pharmaceutical industry is very common and that they will work to prove how important the production and the use of natural resources are in this sector. Thin, Denmark's energy sector in a sustainable manner in the latest technologies and innovative achievements in import trade, and also stated that they would merge with Turkey took important steps with regard to adapt. “With the use of hemp fiber in the textile industry, we can have new projects to be carried out between the two countries,” Ince said.


Emrah Ince

He said the fluctuating trend in exports to Denmark, Turkey is expressing Ellis Slim, which exports about $ 1.1 billion in 2014, reported that 984 million dollars in 2016 and 2017 amounted to $ 1 billion. Thin, $ 1 billion last year, Turkey's exports to Denmark, said the trade volume between the two countries is $ 2 billion. Fine Pointing to an increase in the course of trade volume between Turkey and Denmark, “Our president, said the trade volume target of $ 5 billion. Both countries are enthusiastic about trade. We will see that this figure will increase gradually in the coming days. ”


  • Denmark and Turkey trade relations by making active than it has in previous years, in 2020, between emphasizing that they plan to implement innovative technologies Slim, innovation as a word in Turkey is widely used but it has noted that the importance of getting in the flow of life through practice. Thin-Turkey Business Council of Denmark said he would evaluate the next 2 years in a very active way.
IMF announces readiness to activate $ 1 trillion credit capacity


IMF announces readiness to activate $ 1 trillion credit capacity


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