While the different governments announce measures and protocols to combat the impact of the coronavirus, this Monday football has been practically paralyzed throughout the region: Argentina, where there is still an official communication on the matter although everything would indicate that the decision to make the suspension official, will be announced on Tuesday, is the only country in South America where the sport, for now, still stands.

Colombia was the first country in the Conmebol universe to assume the suspension of its professional soccer league. The Colombian Federation made the announcement last Thursday, March 12: from the start, he stopped football for a weekend with the idea of ​​continuing to play behind closed doors the rest of the contest, but the temporary stoppage was finally confirmed until further notice, after a meeting with different representatives of the clubs. Later that day, they joined the decision. the Peruvian and Venezuelan FederationThe last with a statement that informed the measure “with the aim of protecting the health of our players, coaching staff, referees and the Venezuelan family in general.”

For his part, Chile and Bolivia announced the suspension on Monday. The Bolivian Football Federation announced the cancellation of all the championships that are under its regime Until March 31st: Guabirá's 1-0 win over Santa Cruz that took place on Sunday was the last game before the interruption.

In the trans-Andean country, the measure was framed in the announcement by its president Sebastián Piñera of “the entry into force of Phase 4 of the pandemic by COVID-19”, which also involved structural measures such as the border closure. The parate is valid from Wednesday 18 And, in this way, the tournament will have its last two matches this Monday: O'Higgins-Antofagasta and Curicó Unido-Unión La Calera will dismiss the Chilean soccer activity until new information.

After the suspensions last Thursday, which started the escalation of cancellations for South American football, the rest of the federations were quickly added: on Friday he got off Paraguay, the association that announced its interruption for the shortest period (in principle, until 3/24), and on Saturday, Uruguay and Ecuador, both solving an indefinite delay.

The giant of the region had his turn this Sunday, when the Brazilian Football Confederation announced the cancellation of national competitions under its coordination: Brazilian Cup, Brazilian women's championships A1 and A2, Brazilian U-17 Championship and Brazilian U-20 Cup. “In relation to the state championships, the State Football Federations, organizing entities, will make specific decisions for each competition, respecting their local autonomy”they clarified.

After the decision of Chile and Bolivia on Monday, Argentina has become the only one in all of South America (taking into account federations nucleated in Conmebol) where the ball continues to roll, although it is expected that, in just a few hours, he temporarily said goodbye to football, as his friends in the region already did.


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