District deputy Leandro Grass, (Rede / DF) filed, in Brasilia, this Tuesday (17th), request for impeachment against the president Jair Bolsonaroalleging crime of liability.

According to the document prepared by Grass, Bolsonaro performed a series of acts incompatible with the position he holds. The text cites the allegations made by the president that the 2018 elections were rigged, as well as support for the demonstrations that took place last Sunday (15), with requests for the closing of Congress and the establishment of a new AI-5, in addition to being a threat to public health, since clusters can cause the coronavirus to spread even more quickly.

Grass further criticizes the president's statements against the journalist Patrícia Campos Mello, which she classifies as “indecorous” and the determination that the 1964 coup should be celebrated (something that Bolsonaro did in March 2019).

When he affirmed that the country is going through a serious economic crisis and that, in the face of the pandemic, the president ignores the protocols recommended by the World Health Organization and its own Ministry of Health, the deputy reinforces that the country “is not able to overcome these crises with Jair Bolsonaro in the presidency “.

Alexandre Frota must also file a request

On Monday (16), federal deputy Alexandre Frota (PSDB / SP) said he should also file an impeachment request against Bolsonaro.

According to Frota, the demonstrations supported by the president were aimed at the Judiciary and Legislative Powers, being of an undemocratic nature. The deputy informed, still at the end of February, that he had asked his lawyers to prepare a document asking for the impeachment of the head of the Executive Branch, due to the video that he would have propagated, with clear content against Congress, constituting a crime of responsibility.

The complaint that the president had shared the video was made by journalist Vera Magalhães, who had received it from one of his sources on WhatsApp.

Last Tuesday, the 10th, Frota also filed a request, in the Chamber, for Bolsonaro to present the evidence he said he had, that the elections had been rigged.

A former ally of Bolsonaro, Frota left the PSL after several tensions with the president and his children.

The state deputy Janaína Paschoal, also elected by PSL, spoke at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (ALESP) in favor of Bolsonaro's departure from the presidency. Declaring that she regretted having supported him, the deputy classified this Sunday's act as “inadmissible”. For the parliamentarian, the president must resign and let Mourão take over, as there would be no time for an impeachment process in view of the seriousness of the crisis in the country.

Because of his actions in the demonstrations, contrary to the quarantine recommendations for having traveled together with other people who contracted the coronavirus, the PSOL announced who will also denounce Jair Bolsonaro to the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

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