The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are on track as planned, as if nothing happens in the world with the coronavirus pandemic. Even the International Olympic Committee (IOC) assured on Tuesday that it is still premature to analyze its suspension, because there are still four months to start.

In this sense, the President of the IOC, the German Thomas Bach, encouraged athletes to continue training “at full speed” for the Tokyo 2020, the great event of global sport that has not been suspended or changed its date until now.

In a public letter to the athletes, Bach remarked that he knows how he feels, but urged them to train without distraction.: “As an Olympian, I know how you feel these days. They want to focus on competition and training, with nothing to distract them from their preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is of great concern to all of us. “

However, the head of the IOC stated that for now the Games will start on July 24 and end on August 9 as scheduled, as At the entity's Executive Board it was concluded not to make “drastic decisions” about the postponement of the Games.

“As a result of the numerous consultations we have and continue to carry out with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Japanese Government and many authorities around the world, especially those of China, we can assure you that the IOC is fully committed to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, that start on July 24, “Bach said.

The manager admitted that they are aware that many Olympic qualifiers were suspended by the Covid-19. “Some of you had to change your competition planning, training and travel plans due to location changes and travel restrictions. I want to personally thank you for this flexibility and solidarity, which is an example of the true Olympic spirit “, stressed the German leader.

Bach assured that the IOC continues to work “very intensively” with the National Olympic Committees and the International Federations to “find solutions to these challenges and guarantee a fair Olympic qualification in these circumstances”.

In the last part of the letter, Bach insisted that the athletes be in contact with their representatives and continue with their preparations. “Go ahead at full speed. In this way, the Olympic community will be able to unite the entire world again in a peaceful competition. That is what makes the Olympics so unique and you, as the main players in this Olympic community, will inspire billions of people across the globe, “Bach said.

According to the planned schedule, the Olympic Games would take place between Friday, July 24 and Sunday, August 9, with an epicenter in Tokyo.


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