The president in charge of the Superliga and San Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli, and his colleague from River Plate, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, met again to iron out rough edges after the controversies caused by the non-presentation of the Núñez club against Atlético Tucumán, and for the questions he received from the AFA leadership before the definitive suspension of local football.

The meeting, according to sources related to the parties, took place on Monday night at Tinelli's house, in Barrio Parque, of which D'Onofrio is also a neighbor, and the intention was to reduce the distances between the two , considering that precisely the riverplatense holder is the first vice-president of the Superliga, as announced last week by AFA President Claudio Tapia.

The official announcement of that appointment will be made in principle tomorrow, when there is a meeting of the Executive Committee on the AFA site, in Ezeiza, and therefore it was necessary for the parties to be in harmony. D'Onofrio, in principle by the request of the professional team supported by the coach, Marcelo Gallardo, resolved that the first team did not appear last Saturday to play against the Tucuman, exposing itself to the application of article 109 of regulations and transgressions by the that it has the penalties for loss of points (2-0), plus three other units, and an economic fine.

Tinelli retweeted some images of the Atlético Tucumán props arriving at the Monumental, which was closed last Saturday and the proof of it verified by the notary public that he himself sent to the place, where the referee Germán Delfino closed the list. The AFA leadership questioned this univocal attitude of River on suspicion that the decision was not only due to health issues, related to the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic, but also to AFA policy.

Inclusive, The assumption also floated that River did not want to continue losing money for playing behind closed doors, since in the week he had to do it with Binacional de Perú (8-0), for the Copa Libertadores, and will have to do it in the next two games of the group stage to comply with different sanctions of the Conmebol.

Those doubts were dispelled last night by D'Onofrio to Tinelli, according to different sources, alleging that the only reason was for health purposes, but admitting that he should have notified the authorities of the Super League, while Tinelli apologized for the high criticism of that procedure. of who, from tomorrow, will be its vice president. What both agree on is that the new Professional League must replace the Super League when the next season begins.


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