The film marked Chris Evans' first appearance as supreme hero, living the Human Torch (photo: 20th Century Fox / Divulgao)

Created by Stan Lee in 1961, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are the protagonists of the supergroup Fantastic Four. The origin story of these superheroes has its cinematographic adaptation as the attraction of Afternoon session this Thursday (3/19) on Rede Globo.

The film shows the consequences of the powers that the four protagonists acquired after going through a cosmic accident on a space trip. Reed is super supple, Sue, manages to make fields out and stay invisible, Johnny, raises his body temperature to flames, and Ben becomes a big, strong stone creature. They must prevent Victor von Doom, also affected by the extraterrestrial accident, from taking revenge on Reed, who blames the events.

Credits: 20th Century Fox

Description: Scene from the film 'Quarteto Fantstico' (2005)


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