While the leader's party was taking place at “Big Brother Brasil 20”, Boninho, the program's director, took the opportunity to make revelations on social networks about the direction of the game throughout this week.

This Thursday (19), according to the director, the leader's test will take place. Thus, some netizens decided to question the director, through his Instagram account, about how the dispute in question will be.

Something that many people have been missing since the beginning of the 20th edition of the program is a test of endurance, those that last more than 20 hours and take the participants present in the confinement to the limit.

So, an internet user wanted to know from Boninho if this week's test will be of this type.

When answering the question, the director of “Big Brother Brasil” confirmed, and stressed that it will be a “root test”, exactly the type that the public of the program has been waiting for.

It is worth noting that only two resistance tests were carried out during the current edition of the BBB, which is on its way to its ninth week.

It is worth mentioning that the first test of the confinement, carried out in a group, demanded resistance from the participants and had Petrix Barbosa as the winner.

Later, last Thursday (12), another proof of resistance happened in the “BBB20“, but it also depended on a little luck on the part of the participants, who needed to press a button and be lucky not to do that last. If they did, they would be automatically eliminated.

Internet users react to Boninho's response

It is possible to say that Internet users reacted positively to Boninho's response to his Instagram follower.

In this sense, several profiles that comment on Big Brother Brasil on Twitter, even shared a print of the message sent by the director and commemorated the fact mentioned above.

When sharing the answer in question, a profile dedicated to the program stated that such proof was exactly what he was asking for from the beginning. The post in question, currently, has already exceeded 2500 likes and has more than 342 responses, which demonstrate the public's interest in a resistance test in the old molds of the program.

It is worth noting that since the 20th edition of Big Brother Brasil is referring to previous moments of confinement, it is possible to expect that the event in question is a tribute to past moments of the program. However, it is still impossible to know which one it will be, since no more leads were given by Boninho to his followers on social networks. The test in question will be shown later on Thursday during the live broadcast of the “BBB20“.

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