Actress Fernanda Paes Leme recently was diagnosed with coronavirus. In previous moments, she had stated that she was in voluntary quarantine after attending an event in which some guests tested positive for the coronavirus.

About the case of Fernanda Paes Leme, it is possible to say that, according to information from the Extra newspaper, the actress received the final result of her exams last Sunday (15). However, his quarantine had been in place since the previous weekend, an occasion he learned about the infected of the mentioned event.

During the morning of last Wednesday (18), Fernanda even shared a photo on her social networks commenting on her first week of quarantine. In the Instagram post of the actress, she highlighted especially how everything happened after receiving the confirmation.

It is worth noting that since entering quarantine, the actress has shared several moments of her routine with her followers on the networks. In addition, the actress has also tried to give some tips on how to go through this period of isolation and continue maintaining her routine without leaving home.

During the post in question, Fernanda highlighted that being quarantined is not an easy thing, but it is possible and necessary for the period in question. According to her, it is important to maintain a good mood to be able to take the situation further.

Fernanda Paes gives tips on how to deal with isolation

The actress also pointed out during her post that people should not be “taken hostage” by the news about the coronavirus, focusing her life on reading about it during the quarantine.

To prevent this from happening, Fernanda indicated that people take advantage of the quarantine to read, study, listen to music and perform activities that they enjoy.

Still in her post on Instagram, Fernanda said she knows that the situation is frightening, but she said that everything will pass eventually and everything will return to normal. The actress also highlighted the importance of thinking positive during that period and to correctly follow all protocols to avoid contagion.

It is possible to state that, like Preta Gil and Gabriela Pugliesi, Fernanda was also present at the wedding of Marcella Minelli, held in the city of Itacaré, in Bahia. One of the guests at the event, which was attended by more than 500 people, had recently returned from a trip to Aspen, in the United States.

According to news reports, he was responsible for spreading the virus at the event. Among the three celebrities cited, the first to appear with a positive diagnosis of the disease was Pugliesi.

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