This Friday morning (20), the digital influencer Rafa Kalimann was eliminated the ninth race of the leader of “Big Brother Brasil 20”. The dispute started on the night of last Thursday (19) and was already over 11 hours long when Rafa ended up giving up due to tiredness.

It is possible to state that, currently, the event in question has only five participants. Sisters Marcela Mc Gowan, Thelma Assis, Flayslane Raiane, Mari Gonzales and Gabi Martins were still in the running for the leadership of the week.

It is still worth noting that even before the race started, presenter Tiago Leifert explained the rules for the participants of “Big Brother Brasil 20”. On the occasion, the presenter stated that the first dropout from the leadership dispute would automatically be on the wall.

Actor Daniel Lendhart was the first to leave the leader's test. At the time, he fell off the platform where he was supposed to stand. At first, the sisters thought it was fainting, but the speed with which Daniel stood up dismisses this hypothesis.

Daniel's elimination took place in a few minutes. The next two eliminated were singer Manu Gavassi and actor Babu Santana, respectively. The two also fell off their platforms after an oversight and ended up being eliminated.

Finally, it is valid to point out that the first person to leave the dispute of his own free will was the lawyer Gizelly Bicalho, the fourth eliminated, who gave up the competition for not being able to bear more tiredness.

More about this week's wall formation

Before even contacting the brothers for the first time, presenter Tiago Leifert explained to the public what the rules of the week would be in terms of wall formation.

At the time, he clarified that the first eliminated from the race would automatically be in the spotlight and he would have the company of the nominee of the leader and the most voted of the house. The latter, in turn, would have the right to choose with whom he would like to dispute the stay.

The presenter also made it clear that the runner-up in the endurance race, which is still going on, will receive immunity this week, guaranteeing his participation in the “BBB20” for a few more days.

It was also pointed out by Leifert that all the walled participants, with the exception of the one indicated by the leader, will have the right to dispute the round and round event, which will remove one of them from the spotlight. The test in question is the last thing that will happen after Sunday's vote and, in general, involves luck and speed.

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