Since Travis Fimmel the first male Calvin Klein model to receive a six-figure sum, a lot has happened. That was 17 years ago. What follows after his international acting breakthrough as Ragnar Lothbrok

 in Vikingswhere he as king of Kattegat caused a stir, next?

Travis Fimmel changes from history to science fiction

Travis Fimmel has been in front of the film and series camera regularly since 2003 (Even as Tarzan, as if we needed more reasons to confuse him with Alexander Skarsgård). It was only with Vikings that he became known to a global audience and padded in as Anduin Lothar Warcraft: The Beginning a few years later, unfortunately, a bit awkward in the Hollywood blockbuster league as the main actor.

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Travis Fimmel as Tarzan and Ragnar Lothbrok

Instead of continuing to work on the Vikings' past in Vikings, he is involved in a science fiction series called Raised by Wolves. The TNT series is currently in post-production and is about two androids tasked with educating people.

The whole thing takes place on a mysterious planet and religious differences threaten living together. So far there is no start date for Raised by Wolves with Travis Fimmel in the leading role named Marcus.

Two sci-fi films planned with Travis Fimmel

One of his next films, Tau Ceti Four, is also part of the science fiction genre in the far future. By the way, Tau Ceti is the second closest star to our sun.

In this solar system, on a war-torn planet, Travis Fimmel can be seen alongside Uma Thurman in an as yet unknown role. Directed by Stirb slowly director John McTiernan. Tau Ceti Four is currently in pre-production.

The second planned sci-fi film with Travis Fimmel is called Zone 414. This is an android thriller in the near future, in which Fimmel's figure

Marlon Veidt

hired a private investigator (played by Guy Pierce) to find his daughter.

All upcoming films and series with Travis Fimmel

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Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan

Germany rarely brings Travis Fimmel films to the cinema

Although Travis Fimmel has made some films since leaving Vikings (Lean on Pete, Finding Steve McQueen, Dreamland and more), only the war movie Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan came to our cinemas in late 2019. Maybe we'll be more lucky with his upcoming films.

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Travis Fimmel in Finding Steve McQueen

After the sci-fi projects, it should go back into the past, because an untitled Wyatt Earp anthology was also announced, in which Fimmel probably embodies the legendary gunslingers.

Moviepilot podcast on Vikings and Travis Fimmel Ragnar Lodbrok

In the new episode Streamgestöber Andrea, Esther and Jenny U. discuss what makes Vikings' currently largest history series so special - and what you have to overlook:

For all fans of Vikings we dive deep into the spoiler area from minute 00:31:03 in the second part of the podcast to the most exciting characters. From minute 00:52:02 we talk about season 6A and guess what awaits us in the grand finale.

What is your favorite role by Travis Fimmel?


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