The Women's Super League Volleyball it will be the first major sports tournament in Brazil to suffer a definitive blow due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday (19), the organization informed that the competition will be closed definitively without anyone being declared champion. The decision was made after a meeting with club officers via videoconference

The competition had ended its first phase last week, with the team from Praia Clube in the lead (VIDEO). The start of the quarter-finals had already started, but on Saturday it was announced that the championship, as well as the other modalities, would be paralyzed.

During the voting seven clubs voted to close the tournament and only two chose to continue waiting for some more time.

The justification of the managers is that it would not be compensatory to pay months of salaries to athletes to play just one or two phases of the tournament. In addition, many athletes' contracts will end in May and the competition, if it came back, would end later and the clubs would not have the money to negotiate the extension of the agreement.

For the purposes of classification for South American tournaments, the final classification of the first phase will be valid.

“We are very sorry to see the Superliga end this way,” said CBV's Superintendent of Quadra Competitions, Renato D´Ávila. “But we know that it is absolutely necessary,” he added.

Male must follow same path

The same path can be traced by the male version of the tournament, but club officials decided to wait another month. Ten clubs voted for that option, while three wanted the season to end now.

Regarding Superliga B, a kind of second division of the two tournaments, it will not be declared champion in both men and women and the teams that were in first and second place in both competitions in the classification phase guaranteed access.

Paulistano player tests positive

After several players from NBA and football clubs to Europe tested positive, the first case of coronavirus was detected in an athlete who works in Brazil.

The pivot Maique, from Paulistano, had the confirmation that he was infected.

The 26-year-old, who entered the court on the 9th of the NBB, has been hospitalized since last Sunday (15). The first symptoms, such as a mild cough and a high fever, began to manifest on the 13th. On Sunday he sought medical attention and was placed in isolation. The result came out last Tuesday night (17) and he was discharged on Wednesday (18).

Paulistano reported that all athletes and club employees who had contact with players were placed in quarantine and are strictly following WHO guidelines.

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