The Horror winter brought some genre highlights to the cinemas. With the spread of COVID-19 this is now over. The cinemas in Germany have closed their doors and some highly anticipated horror films will not make it onto the big screen for the time being. Horror fans do not need to despair, because there are enough alternative programs.

Just in time for the beginning of spring, we have put together an overview of all horror films and series in spring 2020 that you can watch in the safety of your own 4 walls, either in the stream or on the disc.

Moved: These were the highlights of horror cinema in spring 2020

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Horror in June 2020

The film and series landscape is in a crisis. In order to curb the spread of the corona virus, cinemas in Germany have closed for the time being. In order to numerous theatrical releases are eliminated hotly anticipated films. We have once put together the previously planned horror theatrical releases of spring, which you can refer to later in the year or on directly as a stream can look forward to.
New mutants: The Marvel horror film and last X-Men film of the Fox era under the Disney banner. Despite the bad reputation and the many production problems, we hope for an exciting scary trip with mutants, should it ever be published.

Gretel & Hansel: Oz Perkins' dark horror in which ES star Sophia Lillis takes on the role of Gretel. Even if the story only lures less behind the stove, the film inspires with a soothing atmosphere and great scary images.

Monsieur Killerstyle: Another bizarre film by the rubber director Quentin Dupieux. In this narcissistic comedy ordeal a cowboy is driven mad by his suede jacket fixation.

Zombi Child: In this zombie drama, love and longing meet in the girls' boarding school for genre-typical lust for meat. This slightly different zombie story should Don't miss fans of The Walking Dead.

Antebellum: The producers behind Get Out and We take a crazy trip with Janelle Monáe in the leading role, in which reality and time are turned upside down.

The Hunt: Probably the most controversial film of the year, which was postponed indefinitely after a huge shitstorm in the course of the first trailer and now finally sees the light of day. In the USA, this is published directly on VOD.

Antlers: The 2nd Disney Horror of Spring was produced by monster master Guillermo del Toro. In it, a boy is followed by eerie creatures from the gloomy forest.

Saw: spiral: One of the most exciting horror projects in 2020. Comedian Chris Rock wants that Saw franchise as a brutal cop thriller resuscitate and gets support from Saw veteran Darren Bousman. It should also be mentioned that Samuel L. Jackson played along.

Candyman: After Get Out and We, Jordan Peele (this time only as an author) brings us another horror highlight: the reboot of the iconic Candyman and already that Trailer promises a surreal horror trip.

The best horror films on DVD, Blu-ray and as a stream in spring 2020

Isolation, quarantine or home office should not prevent you from discovering new horror films. Because in the home theater you can expect some genre and horror innovations in spring on DVD, Blu-ray and as a purchase / rental stream:

Streaming: The best horror series in spring 2020 on Netflix, Sky and Co.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

There will be more horror food on Netflix and on TV in the coming months, for which you don't have to leave your apartment. Here are our series tips for your spring-fresh horror binge:

Horror Fan Podcast: Which Netflix Horror Movies Are Really Good?

Jenny, Max and Andrea button up in this Stream rush episode the horror of Netflix.

We check the horror films Still, Das Spiel, Bird Box, The Babysitter, Cam, The Perfection and Eli at Netflix, among other things, and we have to recognize that the quality of the films is like going up and down. The Netflix horror starts at 00:17:20.

Which horror films in spring do you already have on your watch list?


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