Recently, the current governor of the state of São Paulo, João Doria, decided to express his repudiation with the recent statements made by the current president of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro regarding the coronavirus. The politician classified the international pandemic as a “little grip”. At the moment, the occurrences of infection in Brazil have reached a thousand cases and, seeing the contagion power of the disease, the São Paulo government official stated that Bolsonaro is not contributing to the containment of the virus in the country.

“It is very sad that we do not have a president who can lead ministers and secretaries in this crisis,” said the governor.

All this controversy came after Jair Bolsonaro, in an interview, spoke about the tests he underwent on the detection of Covid-19. Even not showing the tests to the public, the politician said that all of them were negative.

Not stopping there, Bolsonaro still said that a “little grip” will not be able to bring him down, because, in times past, he even survived a stab.

The words spoken by the president have shown great irritation in João Doria. According to the information provided by the highest federal authority, he will not take exceptional measures to avoid containing the virus in the country, unless the Ministry of Health Cheers express demand about it.

After decreeing quarantine, Doria pins Bolsonaro

The pinpricks among politicians continue. Jair Bolsonarorecently stated that governors and mayors are currently taking alarmist measures against the coronavirus, defining such attitudes as unnecessary.

Doria, listening to the president's speeches, stressed that politicians are only fulfilling what Bolsonaro is not capable of doing.

The collective in which João Doria decreed quarantine throughout the state of São Paulo, was marked by pinpricks for the president.

At one point, the highest state authority was asked about what he thought of Bolsonaro's recent statements, saying that the coronavirus was “just a little cold”. The governor revealed that he felt “disappointment and sadness”.

“As a state governor, I would like to have a president to lead. In conditions to guide the Brazilians, calm the Brazilians, lead their team and meet the expectations of the population ”, he said.

Enmity between the two politicians is something recent. During Elections occurred in the year 2018, both even formed a strategic alliance, even if unofficial. The partnership between politicians was called Bolsodoria.

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