The singer Sandy held a live show on Friday night (20), where, on the spot, she had the participation of her beloved husband Lucas Lima, who contemplated Internet users playing on his guitar. After the feat, Júnior entered the broadcast, making a friendly conversation for those who were watching. In the event, the brothers burst into tears, revealing that they missed each other, but that, however, they could not meet due to the isolation necessary to stop the contamination of the coronavirus. Both were extremely moved.

At the time, the two still talked about what they were doing during the quarantine period. Júnior revealed that, during these moments, he was ironing cloth while his wife was doing the kitchen tasks. Sandy, in turn, revealed that it was up to her to cook, while her lover took care of Theo, their son.

During the broadcast on social networks, Sandy also cleared the doubts about the reasons for not having done the live with her brother. She stated that Júnior is traveling, ending up not having time to stay in the same place.

However, she stressed that in about ten days, they will be able to meet again. Sandy said that Junior was going through the quarantine period on her trip, while she spent the moment at her home.

Sandy also told his fans that he had cut his son's hair with a machine for the first time, revealing that they were doing physical activities during the period. According to the singer, her family, to pass the time, is exercising with swimming and jiu-jitsu at her home.

Celebrities create quarantine schedule

With the recent moment that the world is going through, many Celebrity they stopped to look for and invent smart solutions to entertain the public during difficult quarantine times. Many came together, choosing to perform a voluntary quarantine due to the coronavirus. From Anitta to Sandy, several artists have been performing lives on their Instagram to not let anyone be stopped during the recent stage of the pandemic.

In the programs, there are several chats with experts, cooking classes and even shows.

Felipe Araújo will perform at his home during live on his Instagram

Even in quarantine, it is possible to enjoy Saturday night in an extremely fun way. On March 21, at 8:30 pm, singer Felipe Araújo will perform at his home, being broadcast on his official Instagram account. Be sure to put the time on your calendar.

Open channels

It is also worth remembering that numerous pay TV operators have recently opened channels, trying to help the public to be entertained during this period.

Sky, Vivo TV, Oi TV, Claro / NET and also the Globoplay streaming platform were among those that made the content available to the public.

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