Isis Valverde honored his grandmother, who passed away this Friday (20), through social networks and, took the time to quote the coronavirus pandemic when comparing with the pain he is feeling now. The global began its tribute by saying that in the midst of this isolation, another part of your life says goodbye. You are together now, hug yourselves a lot. 2020 what a year !!! “, wrote the interpreter of Betina, in” Amor de Mãe “.

Valverde asks God to comfort us to have “faith and strength to follow”, and wants everyone to be strong even if their legs can't take it anymore.

The global one also says that we know how to “live fully” without hurting or wishing the evil of others. Isis Valverde also asks that everyone know how to say that “everything passes”, maintaining the certainty that it will really pass and everything will be fine. “I love you grandma”, he finished.

After publishing her tribute on social media, Isis Valverde began to receive support from her followers, but also from her famous friends. Leticia Spiller wrote for the global to have “strength and faith”. Already Mica Rocha, said he was sorry for the loss of Isis, and Dandara Mariana expressed his feelings to the global.

Actress's father recently died

Her grandmother's death was not the actress's only loss this year. In January, Isis Valverde also used her social networks to say goodbye to her father, the teacher Rubens Valverde, 65, who died after suffering a sudden illness. Isis's father was well known as Rubens do Hospital, since he worked in the hospital's laboratory, and died on Sunday, January 12, after suffering a heart attack while on a motorcycle trail.

Isis Valverde is criticized on the web

Recently, Isis Valverde saw her name involved in yet another social media controversy. This time, netizens criticized the actress for being in isolation with one of her maids. Users of social networks did not like the global to have defended the isolation measure, but continues to keep one of its employees on duty. After being aware of the criticisms, Isis decided to comment through a video, in order to explain the situation.

Isis explains controversy

To start talking about it, the global says that “as a citizen” felt the need to explain a story that came out in the media involving her name. The actress says that the employee who appears in the video is “Cláudia”, who has been working with her for 10 years. In addition, Isis Valverde points out that she dismissed the employee, just as she did with the others, however, she has no family members in Rio de Janeiro, and would be alone.

Therefore, the global says that, seeing that she would be alone at home with Rael, her son, Cláudia chose to stay in the service to keep her company. “By free and spontaneous will,” said Valverde, who ended by saying that in this way, they remain in “quarantine”.

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