Luana Piovani is strictly following the guidelines of health professionals to stay at home and thus prevent the proliferation of coronaviruses in Brazil. Isolated, the actress made room on her Instagram to answer questions from her followers and, as expected, the biggest questions had a name: Pedro Scooby.

During this conversation with his fans, Luana Piovani even revealed that the surfer has always paid all child support monthly payments on time, but points out that this month this amount has been overdue for about four days.

Pedro Scooby answers Luana

Given the nudge of his ex-wife, Pedro Scooby decided to clarify, also through his Instagram, why he still hasn't paid the pension for his three children, Dom, Bem and Liz. “I decided not to pay anymore,” said the surfer, who claims to have been manipulated by the actress, who forced him to pay the amount of the pension she chose.

However, this does not seem to be a reason for surprise for Scooby, who says that his ex-wife always “left him under her wings”. Now, by all indications, that will change, since the surfer made it clear that he will only pay the amount that a judge says he owes.

However, Pedro Scooby stresses that he will never deny his children anything. “Since I never denied it,” said Scooby.

Apart from the payment of the pension, Pedro Scooby also says that he has always paid the monthly fees for his children's skate school and, he emphasizes that he has always accepted Luana Piovani's conditions. “But I got tired of it,” he claimed.

Luana Piovani defends surfer

Even talking about the late payment of the pension, Luana Piovani also defended the ex-husband of a follower who came to call him a “clown”.

This fan still questioned how the blonde endured the surfer “for a long time”, and she soon responded saying that she is the “clown”. “I have already taken some 'clowning' courses,” revealed Luana, who continued to defend his ex-partner, saying that people need to be careful with the words they use. “Pedro is not a clown”, she defended.

However, shortly afterwards she gives Sccoby another predicate, saying that instead of “clown”, the father of her children is an “inconsequential surfer”.

The blonde also points out that when the two were married, she ended up working as a “manager”, but now Scooby “is back to what she was”.

Actress claims to be ‘mom and dad’

Before talking about the overdue pension, Luana also pinned the surfer last Thursday (19), the date that Father's Day is celebrated in Portugal, where the blonde currently lives with her three children. Soon, the actress used her Instagram to talk about the occasion and said she deserved this post, “because I'm a mother and I'm also a father,” said Luana, who soon received a response from the surfer through social networks.

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