A user entering Netflix through their computer. / Alexander Heinl / dpa (Europa Press)

Netflix puts the reduction of data traffic on telecommunications networks across Europe at 25%, the measure it took at the request of the European authorities to reduce the bandwidth of its emissions to alleviate congestion on the networks of providers of Internet services (ISP) due to increased use by government confinement orders.

The transmission giant, which has already deployed a way to reduce its network traffic in Italy and Spain by a quarter, said on Saturday that it would do the same for the rest of Europe in the next two days.

Netflix said it will eliminate the highest bandwidth streams within each resolution category for the next 30 days in Europe, where users may notice a slight decrease in video quality within each category.

“Our goal is simple: maintain quality of service for our members, while supporting ISPs who face unprecedented strains on their networks,” the company said.

Netflix said it will continue to follow normal procedures for all other networks “until and unless they experience problems of their own.”

The world's largest media streaming service had said Thursday that it would cut bit rates on all its broadcasts in Europe, reducing traffic on its European networks.

While partners in regions like Latin America want the company to reduce its bandwidth as soon as possible, others wanted to continue business as usual, Netflix said.

Netflix had more than 42 million subscribers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East at the end of the first quarter of 2019. YouTube and Amazon joined Netflix to respond to the call by EU Commissioner for Industry Thierry Breton to reduce quality. of the image and avoid overload.


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