elite and House of money are with

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probably the most popular at the moment

two series from Spain. Especially if you look at them not too far away, you will have noticed how many overlaps in the cast there are.

Of course, a viewer who discovers a new film country for himself will always recognize actors he has seen elsewhere. In the Spanish Netflix series House of Money and Elite, the number is already astonishing: 9 actors are in both series.

Cast: Which actors from House of Money play in Elite?

Of course, the first thing you notice about the main characters is when you recognize someone from the House of Money in Elite or vice versa. But old acquaintances have also sneaked into the supporting actors of both series. We'll show you which cast members are involved. But be careful, there are a few spoilers in the role description.

In House of Money and Elite: Jaime Lorente as Denver & Nano

The 29 year old Spaniard Jaime Lorente was first seen in a leading role in Haus des Geldes in 2017, before joining the cast of Elite in 2018 … not always an easy-to-agree shooting schedule.

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Jaime Lorente in House of Money and Elite

House of Money: Seen in all 4 seasons so far, plays

Jaime Lorente bank robber Denver, real name Ricardo Ramos, who starts the raid with his father (Moscow) and falls in love with hostage Mónica Gaztambide (later Stockholm).

Elite: In seasons 1 and 2 it shows up

Jaime Lorente as Samuel's older brother Nano, who falls in love with his love interest and classmate Marina and then (wrongly) is accused of her murder and has to flee.

In House of Money and Elite:

Miguel Herrán as Rio and Christian

The almost 24-year-old Spanish actor Miguel Herrán is still a student in Elite while mimicking the (youngest) bank robber in House of Money.

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Miguel Herrán in House of Money and Elite

House of Money: As a computer genius and bank robber chick, Miguel Herrán plays Rio in all seasons, who is actually called Aníbal Cortés. Caught by the police, he is the reason for the new bank robbery in season 3 for the professor and his crew.

Elite: In season 1 Miguel Herrán still belongs to the main cast as a scholarship student Christian, where he has less school than parties and menages-à-trois in his head. In the first episode of season 2, however, he had his last appearance.

In House of Money and Elite:

María Pedraza as Alison Parker and Marina

The actress Maria Pedraza is also 24 years old, but was content with season appearances in the Spanish Netflix successes House of Money and Elite.

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María Pedraza in House of Money and Elite

House of Money: In seasons 1 and 2, María Pedraza is held hostage by the printing press. As Alison Parker, she's causing some trouble for bank robbers.

Elite: Although only seen in season 1, it plays a key role

María Pedraza in Elite Marina, Guzmán's HIV-infected pregnant sister who is murdered.

In House of Money and Elite:

Elisabet Gelabert as Mari Carmen and Azucena

Elisabet Gelabert has only a small role in House of Money, which is why it could be more difficult for elite to recognize her as a returning woman. If you pay attention, you can still discover them in both series.

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Elisabet Gelabert in House of Money and Elite

House of Money: In two episodes of season one

To see Elisabet Gelabert as Mari Carmen, wife of

Ángel, i.e. inspector Raquel Murillo's (ex) partner in the police force.

Elite: The role of elite is bigger. Here she plays

in all three seasons

Azucena, principal and mother of Ander.

In House of Money and Elite:

Ainhoa ​​Santamaría as Laura and inspector

The 40-year-old actress Ainhoa ​​Santamaría most will probably recognize from elite, but she also makes a guest appearance at Haus des Geldes.

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Ainhoa ​​Santamaría in House of Money and Elite

House of Money: In an episode of season 1, we see the actress as Laura, wife of the hostage-prone host Arturo Roman.

Elite: There is also an inspector in Elite: It is Ainhoa ​​Santamaría who, in all three seasons, surveys the students of Las Encinas as suspects.

In House of Money and Elite: Small roles in the cast

In addition to the recurring large and medium-sized roles, there are also actors who appear in small roles (usually only in one or two episodes) in the elite and House of Money. This is:

Peter Nikolas as Nikolai in House of Money (s01e05 + s01e06) and interviewer in Elite (s03e01)

Gloria Garcia Barquero as Lieutenant Lorenzo in the House of Money (s02e06) and school secretary in Elite (s01e01 + s02e07)

Jesús Gallo as Lieutenant Alcázar in House of Money (s03e02) and “menacing man” in Elite (s01e06)

Aitor Sanchez as a policeman in the House of Money (s02e04) and teacher in elite (s02e06)

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Double actors: House of Money and Elite

There are even voices claiming that new elite characters like Rebecca (Claudia Salas) were created specifically with some similarities to popular house of money characters like Nairobi (Alba Flores) to tie up. But of course such assumptions could only be answered by the different series creators of Elite and House of Money.

Podcast for Netflix users: how good are elite and house of money?

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How many of the actors who have the Elite and House of Money did you notice?


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