This Sunday (22), the number of deaths by Covid-19 in Italy reaches 5,476 fatalities. Last Saturday (21), the country reached 793 deaths from coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China. But this Sunday the picture had a slight drop with 651 dead when compared to the previous day. However, when compared to the overall total of daily cases, an increase of 13.5% can be seen, according to Italian authorities.

The Italian Civil Protection Agency reported that the number of infected with coronavirus rose from 53,578 to 59,138, practically an increase of 10.4% in new cases.

According to the agency, this is the lowest percentage since contagion in the country began on February 21.

Lombardy is the region most affected by Covid-19

Lombardy, Italy, is the most affected region and remains in critical condition with 3,456 new deaths and 27,206 new cases of the action of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Of the infected citizens across the country until the publication of this story 7,024 recovered this Sunday and 3,009 people remain in intensive care. The numbers have risen in relation to the previous day, both recovered and infected when analyzing the situation in the whole of Italy.

There are several families that daily suffer from the loss of infected family and friends. Every day Italy cries for its thousands of dead.

Minister closes industries to contain coronavirus contagion

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, announced this Saturday at 11:30 pm the closure of all industries in the country. According to the prime minister, the measure is a strategic attempt to contain the coronavirus (Covid-19) and should last until April 3.

The intense pressure from northern Italian regions required greater measures to contain the gigantic contamination caused by Covid-19. With the data released on Saturday (21), Conte took a measure for the country that impacts the economy in general. But, in his speech, he stressed that food items and essentials continued to be offered, as well as essential public services for Italian citizens, banking and financial services, postcards and home office companies continued with their activities, as long as they take preventive measures against the coronavirus.

This pandemic caused the worst crisis in the country since World War II, the minister said that he regretted the deaths of all his countrymen and recalled that this pain is repeated every day. The country is in total quarantine, which has contributed to slow down the contagion, but it has not yet been enough to save the lives of those who are already infected by the pulmonary infection caused by Covid-19.

To date, Italy accounts for 40% of all deaths recorded by the pandemic that is plaguing the globe.

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