The Catalan employers' association Foment del Treball considers the measures approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers “totally insufficient”. The organization chaired by Josep Sánchez Llibre criticizes that no initiative has been taken to suspend tax assessments and Social Security quotas.

The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, also sent a “desperate” message to the Government to suspend the payment of contributions in March and April for self-employed workers due to the impact of the pandemic.

Foment del Treball believes that not applying emergency economic measures condemns companies and can damage the resilience of the economy and employment. “All economic sectors of industry and services have carried out an unprecedented mobilization in the last 48 hours to ask the Spanish Government to suspend tax declarations and settlements as an extraordinary and temporary measure to avoid the closure of companies and the loss of jobs of work ”, sustains. The General Council of Economists joins this request.

The president of the General Council of Economists, Valentín Pich, explained that “the agreements of the Council of Ministers can be interpreted as a lack of sensitivity towards companies and professionals, who seem to want to deny tools to help and guarantee their survival, facilitating liquidity with something as simple as extending the deadlines for tax self-assessments and the payment of Social Security fees ”.

Foment believes that the Government has limited itself to reporting on the current measure, and that it was taken as a matter of urgency, which limits the moratorium to 30,000 euros for up to six months, and only three months without interest. “This initiative made sense at first, where the magnitude that the health crisis is having on economic activity was not foreseen.” And he adds: “The fact that the Council of Ministers approved today [this Tuesday] asking the Congress of Deputies to extend an additional 15 days of the state of alarm in our country confirms the need to take more extraordinary measures,” continues the Foment release. It does not make sense that companies must have the support of State guarantees for their financing and that, instead, liquidity has not been facilitated by the suspension of liquidations and tax declarations.

Lorenzo Amor, through his Twitter account, also asked that the payment of taxes for the first quarter that the self-employed must face be deferred until the month of July. “If they do not, they will cause a hole that many self-employed will not emerge from,” said Amor, who pointed out that in exceptional times such as these, exceptional measures such as those proposed by his organization are required.

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