The financial sector started to put its trumps on the field for its responsibilities in the corona struggle. As the first move, sterilization studies were carried out in ATMs where people can easily get infected. Then, the limit was increased so that ATMs are not used much. Many banks increased the single withdrawal limit to 5 thousand liras. The measures were not limited to this. No money was collected from the ATMs of other banks to prevent the virus from calling the ATM bank of the relevant bank outside.


Banks made another move to encourage customers not to come to the branch. Some banks have announced that they will no longer receive money from EFT and wire transfer transactions. The first announcement of this move came from Denizbank. The Bank announced to its customers, “Your health is our priority. You can perform transactions from 7/24 DenizBank Internet Branch, MobilDeniz, DenizKartim and fastPay application in order to avoid being in crowded environments against the risk of corona virus. There will be no fees for one month for EFT and money order transactions to be made through these channels ”.

Alternatifbank does not charge any fees either

Another bank, which does not charge eft and money order transactions, draws attention as Alternatifbank. “You can do your banking transactions through our internet and mobile banking channels, ATM and our Customer Contact Center for the health of you and those around you,” the bank announced. The bank also states that there will be no fees for EFT and wire transfers to be made over the internet and mobile banking for a month.

No fee to deposit money without a card

  • Vakıfbank also does not charge a card-free deposit to make transactions without going into crowded environments. The bank providing written information on the subject included the following statements. “You will not be charged for the deposit without card from ATM and during this process, you will be able to withdraw free money from our Bank's ATMs up to 5 thousand TL per day.”


Red alarm against epidemic: Coronavirus struggle is growing


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