Health workers and professionals from different areas of Cheers they serve without adequate safety equipment and come into direct contact with the virus through infected patients. THE action repeats attitudes of USA, China and Europe.

Carrying out continuous calls from suspicions in coronavirus, cases of nurses who are quarantined for symptom analysis increase in the country. On Tuesday (24), nurse Amanda, a professional at a private hospital in Brazil, described the current situation of the work system.

She reported that after seeing a patient who had symptoms of coughing and respiratory distress, without a mask, in a few days she started to manifest the characteristic symptoms of Covid-19, being quarantined away from the family until the disease was confirmed.

Amanda also reported that the calls were being made by health professionals Cheers, without the use of a mask, due to guidance from the hospital itself so as not to “cause panic in patients”. During her description of what happened, Amanda talks about her concern, which is not restricted to co-workers, but also to all other patients, who without protection are exposed to people who may be infected.

Health professionals with scarce protection

All professionals in the field of Cheers from Brazil are working on the front lines of the fight against the new Covid-19, facing a scenario of suffering and risks due to the lack of adequate equipment for the preservation of security. This situation is repeated both in public and private hospitals.

Nurses with Covid-19 in an interview for BBC News, reported that they were contaminated during work activities and due to a probable lack of protective equipment.

Now they are unable to assist in the treatment of patients who are victims of the epidemic.

In a note to the case, hospitals in the state of São Paulo stated that there is a security protocol that has been followed. They reported the preservation care of health professionals and all patients. Describing that they use the equipment determined by the responsible body, and that these are indispensable in the fight against the virus.

“States have already started to receive the inputs and should send them to the municipalities”, informed the Ministry of Health of Brazil. “It is worth emphasizing that the acquisitions of the Ministry of Health are complementary to the stocks that the local administrations carry out to supply public health units”, he added.

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