Turkey Assets Fund (TVF) and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosur), the economic between the two countries, trade and investment memorandum of understanding signed in the amount of $ 5 billion to increase cooperation.

Turkey Wealth Funds (depending on the TVF) description, according to the document signed this week Sinosur to, tvf'n the deficit reduction to facing energy projects to Chinese investors in the petrochemical, mining and will recommend contractors and financial institutions. Sinosure will also be able to offer insurance support of up to $ 5 billion, depending on the funding requirements of the related projects.

TVF recently announced that it will contribute to logistics infrastructure investments as well as investment plans for these three sectors.


Production mobilization from exporter: 1 million masks and 100 thousand liters of disinfectant daily from TİM

“Between Turkey and China economic, trade and investment cooperation are growing”

The statement given to the views TVF top manager (CEO) Victory Sonmez, “Turkey's strong trade and business partner, we are pleased to bring a new phase of our business alliance with China. This agreement is a new type under the influence of all the world coronavirus (Kovid-19) Our signing in the environment of uncertainty created by the epidemic is proof of how strong the relationship between the two countries is. ” used expressions.

The Sinosur CEO Wang Ting said, “China's 'One Belt One Road' project and Turkey's” Central Corridor “initiative, scroll priced between evolves China and Turkey, trade and increasing the investment business associations. cooperation between the TVF and Sinosur to the We hope that we will continue and develop the projects, where we will take part in the consensus document, which is an important milestone to deepen, and communication and coordination. ” found the assessment.


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