Vikings is currently in its 6th season and the grand finale is approaching. The waiting time until then can of course be bridged with discussions about previous events from the series. In Season 2, for example, the makers laid the foundation for a potentially huge mistake that fans are now talking about Reddit to discuss.

The focus is on the murder of a complete Scandinavian colony ordered by King Egbert in season 3 of the series. Apparently no suspicion has been raised in Kattegat over the years.

Vikings: The important deal between Ragnar and Egbert

Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and King Egbert (Linus Roache) conclude a pact in Vikings, according to which the Northmen may cultivate part of Wessex. Egbert later ordered the extinction of the community by his son Aethelwulf. Only one settler remains alive, but is killed after reporting to Ragnar.

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Vikings with Travis Fimmel

Ragnar learned relatively quickly what had happened to the settlers, but kept the terrible news to himself – otherwise the people would be out Kattegat possibly lost their confidence in him and the spectacular attack on Paris would not have been possible in this form.

In the end, it apparently takes a decade for the customer to reach Ragnar's Scandinavian home via Egbert's actions. The Reddit user JYN044 sees a huge hole in the story, because the commercial city should have been listening long before. At least one group could have been sent out to check that everything was in order.

The murdered colony: one of the biggest Vikings mistakes?

When criticizing Vikings, however, it should be borne in mind that communication and travel at the time of the series' plot in general were far from as easy as today. It was not possible to simply send an SMS quickly or get on the next plane.

In this respect, it could be quite realistic that Kattegat could learn nothing about the real fate of the settlers in England for a long time. In addition, Ragnar had a very high reputation at the time and people probably simply trusted him. If he doesn't inform her, nothing bad will have happened.

They saw no reason for skepticism. This would justify the course of the action, at least until Ragnar's disappearance after the second attack on Paris.

Moviepilot podcast on Vikings: why the series is so popular

In the new episode Streamgestöber Рalso with Spotify РAndrea, Esther and Jenny U. discuss what makes Vikings' currently largest history series so special Рand what you have to overlook:

For all fans of Vikings, we dive deep into the spoiler area from minute 00:31:03 in the second part of the podcast to the most exciting characters. From minute 00:52:02 we talk about season 6A and guess what awaits us in the grand finale.

The murder of the settlers in Vikings went unnoticed for a long time – do you see a mistake in this?


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