Gizelly and Prior discussed at the party (photo: TV Globo / Reprodu
Gizelly and Prior argued at the party (photo: TV Globo / Reproduo)

Last night's party (3/25) at the Big Brother Brazil gave something to talk about. After discussing with Felipe Prior, the sister Gizelly Bicalho went to talk to her friends Marcela, Thelma and Mari. However, instead of the conversation calming the lawyer, other discussions were created.

At the beginning of the event, Gizelly went to get satisfaction from Prior for telling Ivy that he only spoke to her because he was afraid to go to the wall. Still in the conversation, he commented on the lawyer saying that Pyong was not worthy of the millionaire award, since he was already rich outside the home. Upset about the situation, the capixaba told the drama with her brother to Marcela, who listened to the story until the end and questioned why the participants still listened to what Felipe says.

During the chat with Marcela, Gizelly said that she did not feel that her sister was giving the expected support. In response, the doctor attacked: “freak on me, no”. In another moment, Marcela, Ivy and Mari talked about the attitudes of the lawyer at the house and warned that they were uncomfortable with her behavior towards the Prior.

Later, Gizelly decided to talk to Thelma about the anger he was feeling for Felipe. However, the doctor did not agree with the lawyer and said that Prior was right about the comment after Pyong left. “Here at the charity. Whoever is the public's favorite will win, regardless of financial condition, ”said Thelma.

The sister then got hurt by the whole situation and countered Thelma: “I want to cut myself, I want to hurt myself, I want to get out of here. Do you know what I said when I cut myself whole and jumped out of business? I'm feeling the same thing now. close to me. Go and talk to the Prior then, since you are on his side, “he said.

Crying, the capixaba left the party and went to the living room. Ivy, however, did not leave her alone and chose to keep her company. At this moment, the miner consoled her sister, told Gizelly not to be closer to the Prior and took her to sleep.


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