Alcia and Arthur created a song to warn about the need for social isolation with the help of father Emmanuel (photo: Personal archive)

The period of social isolation caused by the pandemic crisis of coronavirus it can be conducive to exploring creativity. That's what the brothers from Brasilia, Alcia Gomes, 7, and Arthur Gomes, 9, did. They decided to create a version of the song We are the world to make the population aware of the need for quarantine because of Covid-19.

In a video clip published on YouTube, with the help of their father, event producer Emmanuel Gomes, 40, the students recreated Michael Jackson's classic. The idea came up to optimize time at home and, at the same time, to give tips to the public on how to prevent the disease.

Who decided to recreate Michael Jackson's music was Arthur, who is passionate about the song created in a moment of fighting hunger in Africa. The choreography was conceived by the stem Alcia. As for the lyrics of the song, it was written by the father. “Although very young, Arthur has always been interested in the history of music. Alcia, however, is more focused on gestures. She created the choreographies, if we can call it that. Just the small gestures of don’t shake your friend’s hand, leave the kiss for later ”, said Emmanuel.

In the refrain, the children sing: “Don't shake hands with your friend… And leave the kiss for later! And don't forget to keep a meter or two away ”. The video was published on the channel Play A2.

According to the responsible for the children, the production of the clip was entirely done by the family. “I had a green cloth at home. I nailed it to the wall with masking tape. I had a few lamp nozzles left and I managed to mount some reflectors that helped in the lighting. Editing was a little easier because I already worked with it and I was skilled with software, ”he said.

He also stresses the need to pay attention to preventive measures against the virus, especially in relation to the elderly. “Our family has several people at risk. Their great-grandmother is 95 years old, some uncles and grandparents, all over 65 years old. So we talked a lot about the importance of what is happening. I tried to develop several daily activities that would not lead to a predictable routine ”, explained the father.

* Internship under the supervision of Adriana Izel


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