The corona crisis affects us all and we can all make this troubled time as good as possible. In this article we have put together a lot of tips and information on how the corona virus affects the cinema and streaming landscape, how you still support closed cinemas, what you should watch at Netflix and Amazon and how you spend the time at home as See opportunity.

The German cinemas will all remain closed for the time being

German cinemas have been closed since mid-March. They are just as affected by the containment measures as all other cultural locations. Cafes, bars, theaters, opera houses, concert halls – all of them are currently facing the same fate. You can't let us in.

In most of the federal states, meetings with just a few people are prohibited to stop spreading the virus and to give our hospitals the chance to cope with the increased number of patients. So there is no information about when the cinemas can (re) open.

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Mulan's theatrical release has been postponed indefinitely

Among the more than 1,600 cinemas in Germany, this affects both the large cinema chains such as Cinemaxx and Cinestar as well as the small family businesses. Usually we always write the news on the current cinema charts on Mondays, but this week there was one – not only in Germany historic total failure the box office results.

Movies move (much too early) to the television

The most prominent feature for cinema fans over the past few weeks has been the dozen postponements, from James Bond 007 – No Time to Die to Mulan. Fortunately, postponed is not canceled. Most films get a much later release date, while others come online earlier than planned.

A concrete challenge for the cinemas, in addition to the high fixed costs that they have to pay despite the closure, is this changed release window. In their analysis, how Corona negatively affects the cinema, our editor-in-chief Ines Walk writes that the impact of early VOD starts should not be underestimated.

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The invisible migrates to VOD earlier than planned

For example, the horror film can cost 17.99 euros The invisible already borrowed and streamed with Elisabeth Moss at Amazon in HD. Normally there are 12 weeks between the release date and VOD release in the USA and 20 weeks in Germany.

The corona crisis now shows how quickly the exploitation window can be levered out, which puts cinemas under even greater pressure.

How to help cinemas and other cultural venues from home

The good thing is that there are already very concrete measures how you can support your favorite cinemas:


#Help your cinema: Streams cinema advertising at home and thus directly supports the cinemas!

#ActionTicketKeep : Keep the tickets you bought before closing and let them expire instead of having them refunded!

MDR culture gives the tip that Grandfilm-Vertrieb initiated the #supportyourlocalcinema campaign on the Vimeo streaming platform: If you pay for streaming the films there, the partner cinemas of the Grandfilm-Verleih also get some of it.
Go to the homepages of your local cinemas and other venues and find out what offers they have for your support. For example, some cinemas offer vouchers.
Canceled or postponed: Many film festivals and comic cons will be canceled in 2020

In addition to the regular visit to the cinemas, the film festivals that would have taken place in the near future are of course also canceled. The Cannes Film Festival has been postponed for a few weeks.

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Supernatural had to postpone the series finale

The CCXP COLOGNE – the Comic-Con Experience in Cologne – already canceled their event in June 2020 and set a date for 2021 in a press release: June 25th to 27th, 2021. The San Diego Comic-Con in July has not yet been canceled.

How Netflix & Co. deal with the situation

The digital nature of the streaming landscape is not as acutely affected as the cinema. However, there are already concrete effects. So had to Netflix are throttledto cause no data volume problem. A Service shutdown is unlikely, however.

The Netflix feature currently has a peak Netflix party . This is a Chrome extension that allows you to take part in digital movie nights where you can watch Netflix movies and series together.


Grey's Anatomy

A great offer just got out of Joyn Plus +: There are now 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy for free.

Series and film tips on Netflix and Amazon for the next few weeks

Since you will of course need more streaming tips in the next few days and weeks, we have some useful lists for you:

As usual, you can also go to Moviepilot at any time best films and best series Look out and tailor yours Movie tips and Series tips pick up – and filter according to your streaming services.

Plus: You have time to listen to our streaming podcast

In our current episode the Moviepilot podcast

Stream rush let’s examine the new Disney + streaming service in detail:


The Federal Health Administration offers a corona virus extensive FAQ , as well as daily news and a Instructions for protection against infections on. You can also reach the independent patient advice service on the following telephone number: 0800 011 77 22.


Leave us a comment with your current watchlist! What films and series have you planned to do at home for so many years?


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