Lucas Merçon / Fluminense F.C.Mário Bittencourt, president of Fluminense, is a spokesman for the National Club Commission (CNC)

The soccer players of the Brazilian teams on Wednesday rejected the new proposal for wage reduction formulated by the National Club Commission (CNC). Faced with the offer to have monthly wages at a 25% discount during the shutdown caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, the athletes rejected the idea and proposed that the talks continue in the following weeks to reach an agreement.

The athletes' response was forwarded by the National Federation of Professional Football Athletes (Fenapaf) to the CNC spokesman, the president of Fluminense, Mário Bittencourt. The Brazilian teams of Serie A, B, C and D have been having conversations with the players in the last few days to try to reduce the expenses with the squads during the stoppage of the competitions. So far, two different proposals have been sent by the leaders.

In the letter sent this Wednesday by the president of Fenapaf, Felipe Augusto Leite, the entity that represents the players also mentions the vacation proposal. CNC's previous offer was for a 20-day collective vacation starting immediately, at the end of March. The athletes, however, want 30 days, starting only on April 1st and with the full payment of the period and the constitutional third plus until May 4th.

Fenapaf's communiqué establishes the requirement for a 10-day paid leave between Christmas and New Year and the obligation to receive until April 7 the salary and the share of image rights referring to the month of March. The players request is for CBF to be the guarantor of this last agreement, including the responsibility to cover any payment that is not met.

The clubs' concern is to immediately put players on collective vacations to minimize losses from the pandemic, since everyone is out of revenue from games, sponsorships and TV viewing. CNC's initial proposal contained the suggestion that athletes receive 50% of their salaries if the interruption of the calendar lasted more than 30 days and the determination to suspend the contract if the quarantine passed 60 days. These bases were rejected in the two rounds of discussions between the parties.

The statement sent to the president of Fluminense proposes that negotiations on salary adjustments be conducted in April, during the collective vacation period. Fenapaf explained in the text that the refusal to reduce the payment is based on the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

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