(photo: Ed Alves / CB / D.A Press)
(photo: Ed Alves / CB / D.A Press)

The National Monetary Council (CMN) approved on Thursday (26/03) the increase of resources for the costing and marketing of coffee funded by the Fund for the Defense of the Coffee Economy (Funcaf) this year by 12.5% ​​in relation to 2019 , to 5.7 billion, this year.

The CMN meeting took place virtually at 3 pm today. It was the collegiate's only decision, according to the advice of the Ministry of Economy. The head of the portfolio and president of CMN, Minister Paulo Guedes, has been dispatching virtually in Rio de Janeiro since Monday. He just had that appointment on the official agenda.

In the resolution, the CMN raised the volume of resources for the Costing line by 23.1%, and for the commercialization line by 17.2%. The lines for Financing for Coffee Acquisition (Fac), for the Recovery of Coffee Grounds, and for Working Capital had the volumes allocated last year maintained. No funds were made available to finance resources in the future market.

Following is the distribution of values ​​for the financing lines of the coffee sector released by the Ministry of Economy:

I – Costing operations: up to R $ 1.6 billion;

II – Commercialization operations: up to R $ 2.3 billion;

III – Financing for Acquisition of Coffee (Fac): up to R $ 1.15 billion;

IV – Financing of Option and Operations Contracts in Futures Markets: R $ 0.00;

V – Financing for the Recovery of Damaged Coffee Plants: up to R $ 10 million; and

VI – Working Capital Financing for Production Cooperatives and for the Soluble Coffee and Coffee Roasting Industry: up to R $ 650 million.


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