Garlic was one of the foods recommended by experts, who draw attention to the importance of the immune system against the coronavirus epidemic that occurs in China and spread all over the world. demand for garlic along with the spread of the outbreak in Turkey has increased. With the increase in demand, the price of garlic rose.


Pre-epidemic weight was sold for 8 lira.

Produced in Taşköprü district of Kastamonu and Taşköprü garlic, which the locals call 'white gold', was produced as 22 thousand tons in an area of ​​22 thousand decares last year. The weight of Taşköprü garlic was offered for sale at prices ranging from 8 to 25 pounds depending on the quality before the coronavirus epidemic. However, after the increase in demand with the epidemic, it increased by one hundred percent and started to find buyers from 50 liras.


'The highest figure in the last 50 years'

  • Orhan Reis, owner of a garlic peeling and packaging factory in the district, said, “The prices had seriously stabilized with the introduction of other local garlics in our country with some measures of our state. However, the virus experienced in our country had a serious effect on the price of garlic. Our garlic prices, which reached around 25-30 lira in September-October, have seen serious figures such as 50 lira recently with the effect of the virus.

Consumer sufferer

Consumer Gökhan Smart, on the other hand, stated that he was puzzled by the increase in the price of garlic.. Today, due to the virus, prices reach 50-60 Liras” said.


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