If over Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is often written as if it were a well-oiled money machine. Which is true to a certain extent. However, Marvel Studios has already spoiled a few directors, including Edgar Wright (Ant-Man), Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange 2) and Patty Jenkins (Thor 2).

Jenkins, who is now making DC films, now explained the reason for the separation in an interview Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom. The director of Wonder Woman 1 and 2 simply didn't see herself able to make a good Thor film using the material she received from Marvel Studios. But read for yourself.

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In September 2011 was Patty Jenkins (Monster) engaged for the Thor sequel, but the announcement of their departure came in December. At that time, Jenkins announced that it was a peaceful separation and that it was ready for other Marvel projects. The DC director has now explained to the DC what exactly the “creative differences” were, due to which the collaboration with Thor 2 failed Vanity Fair :

I didn't think I could make a good script script that they wanted to use.

Not only was the script itself the catch, but also the consequences that a bad film could have on your career and your view of filmmakers:

I think that would have meant a lot – it looked like it was my mistake. It would have looked like 'Oh my god, this woman shot it and she did so much wrong.' After the cancellation: Thor 2 is one of the worst Marvel films

Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom would have been the first MCU film by a female director and one of the few superhero blockbusters by a woman. In this respect, Jenkins' concerns about the negative appeal of her film were appropriate. Let's just recall the enormous expectations that Captain Marvel greeted. It became the first Marvel Studios film to be co-directed by a woman in 2019.

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Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom

Filmed instead of Jenkins Alan Taylor the screenplay of Thor 2, for which a total of 5 authors have credits. The experienced Game of Thrones director could not save the film either. The Dark Kingdom was also very successful at the box office, but it regularly becomes one worst Marvel films counted.

Patty Jenkins makes DC films: Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2

So far, Patty Jenkins has not worked with Marvel again. Instead, Warner Bros. hired her to direct Wonder Woman, which grossed over $ 800 million worldwide in 2017. Jenkins' successor Wonder Woman 2 was postponed for two monthsto avoid the consequences of the corona virus.

The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 with Gal Gadot:

Wonder Woman 1984 – Trailer (English) HD

Jenkins summarized Thor 2 in the Vanity Fair portrait:

That was the one time in my career where I really thought: Better do it (with another director) and it won't stir up as much dust. (…) You can't make films you don't believe in. The only reason to do it would be to prove that I can do it. But I couldn't have proven it if I hadn't been successful. I don't think I would have had a second chance. So I'm really grateful.

Do you remember Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom at all?


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