(photo: Rogrio Domingues / Divulgao)

The shows lives have become a trend in quarantine. The Dj Rennan da Penha was one of the artists who joined. Him will make a presentation this Friday (27/3) and on Saturday (28). O Ball at Rennan's house live be done via broadcast on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Beginning at 8 pm, the live will feature Dj hits as Carnival coming, Dance with me, Play for me and Let me go. This is not the first time that the DJ promotes this type of action during confinement, and all lives so far have been a success.

“Quarantine, I watch everyone at home enjoying the best Baile do Rio. Stay tuned, here on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, I'll be doing a ball at home live. Friday and Saturday, live rennan's dance huh. The time is up, but maybe we'll turn the night up by making a sound for you, ”he posted on Instagram.


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