The Argentine basketball player of Real Canoe of Spain, Facundo Corvalán, assured this Thursday that he feels “good”, while he waits for the “discharge” after being hospitalized in isolation for 11 days for testing positive for coronavirus.

“I feel good, waiting for the discharge, which is a little missing, without symptoms after a while. I am waiting for the new results of the swabs, I hope they are already negative and I can go home to continue with the isolation. People have to be aware that the virus is waiting for her and she faces it by staying at home, “said the former Bahía Basket in dialogue with the Télam agency from the Hospital de Agudos Abraham Piñeyro, in Junín (Buenos Aires) in full isolation.

The member of the youth team in the World Cup in Egypt U19 in 2017 clarified that his fever averaged 36.6 in the different controls performed during the recovery process.

The former Juninense cyclist, who returned to the country on March 14 along with his mother, Silvina – negative and continues at home – explained that he had “symptoms” like two other women and all were “separated” in the Ezeiza airport.

“Then they controlled us with a heat chamber and everything was approved, although I told them that I took a pill to be safe. In fact, I drove to Junín but the fever rose again and it was almost 40 degrees. 107 and the ambulance took us both to the Hospital, “the base recalled.

His father, Javier, isolated himself and never contacted them within three meters, and the same happened with his younger brother, Lautaro, who went to live with relatives, to avoid the “spread”.

– Did they give you any deadline for discharge?

-It is still not known until when, I have a logical anxiety to go home but the most important thing is that I feel healthy and with enough energy to leave if I have to and continue quarantining at my parents' house. . The idea is not to get too anxious to be bearable as much as possible.

-What is the hardest part of being in treatment?

-In this passage of recovery is the lack of training, the body is asking me to move and I put together a small circuit, with a small ring in the room, so as not to lose so much physical state. Obviously the loneliness is hard and I am reading books, I contact video calls with my girlfriend and my friends, so that time passes.

-They let you train?

-I was challenged a couple of times by the noise of the ball, so I had to put it aside a bit, ha.

-Were you ever afraid?

-The logical fear of ignorance and the uncertainty of a potential deterioration. The truth is that my body gave it a fight from the first moment and also, as I understand, I am not in the groups at high risk of mortality for my 21 years and for being a high performance athlete. Obviously one is not exempt from anything, to the point that there are several infected athletes and that is why the coronavirus must be respected because it is causing disasters in the world.

-How are the security measures in the Hospital?

-There is a logical distance with the health personnel and we do not make contact if not necessary. They also take my heart rate, fever and pressure, which has been working well for a week.

-Did they explain to you if you have the possibility of getting it again?

– No, it is not yet known how that is, if it remains immune or not.

-When you came from Spain, how was the situation?

-The measures were taken late, I trained normally on Friday before coming to the country and public transport worked as it does every day. The first symptoms I perceived that day, that my mother took my fever and was 37.4 but on the flight I had the strongest. In Argentina they are doing things right, I mean the government, and I ask people not to underestimate the virus because it is waiting for us outside the houses.

-Do you keep in touch with the club in Spain?

-Yes, the reality is that I had many expressions of love and support, both in basketball and in life. Several colleagues of mine at the time of Cycling, the selected team and Bahía Basket called me, other current ones and that comforted me too much.

-If everything goes well, you have little left in the Hospital, do you dream of going home?

-Of course, the idea is to make up the days lost in the recovery but without leaving. We are going to diagram a training session with my brother to take it as a seasonal break and hopefully soon the world will be the same as before, that will depend on each one. I also want to know what the doctors tell me, I will listen to them in everything even if it comes out soon.

-Do you want to continue in Spain or return to the country?

-I would love to continue there and the objective is to make the leap to the Endesa League, beyond the LEB Oro and the National League, which I love for everything it gave me, I like them. The championship is even, always fought and I loved living these months there.


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