Rapper Gog performs on Facebook
Rapper Gog performs on Facebook at 10:30 pm (photo: Rafael Berezinski / Divulgao)

Encouraging access to culture and art, the festival Stay home shows great artists brasilienses in live streams online, this Thursday (26/3), from 18h. Rapper Gog, singer Mariana Camelo and Circo Rebote are among the attractions.

The event will be like this: each artist will do a live on their own Instagram or Facebook profile. In other words, as the line-up has 10 artists, the party will be in 10 different accounts and each artist will have 30 minutes to perform.

Fica em Casa Festival Program

6:30 pm Circo Rebote – Instagram – @circorebote

7 pm Kelton – Instagram – @keltonalexp

7:30 pm Bruno Z – Instagram – @brunozcaetano

8pm Mariana Camelo – Instagram – @maricamelo

8:30 pm Josu Mafra – Instagram – @mafrajosu


9pm Lirys Catharina – Instagram – @lirysasista

9:30 pm Maintaining Identity – Instagram – @mantendoaidentidade

10 pm Mano Dablio – Instagram – @manodablio


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