Predicted scenario due to crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic (photo: Breno Fortes / CB / D.A Press)

The International Airport Tom Jobim-RIOgaleo it foresees an average reduction of 90% of the total flights, in the next month of April. The projection that 93% of the international flights, with a 87% reduction in domestic flights. The estimate was released today (26) by the RIOgaleo consortium, which manages the international airport in Rio de Janeiro. The predicted scenario resulting from the crisis caused by the new coronavirus in the country.

According to RIOgaleo, the crisis in the health sector causes constant operational adaptations, in order to allow the airport to continue operating and the impact to be as small as possible. This week, for example, it was decided to temporarily close Per Sul's activities, extending from Terminal 2, with 100 thousand square meters and an investment of about R $ 2 billion. There are 26 boarding bridges, VIP lounges, shops and restaurants.

As of now, it has been decided that all domestic and international shipments will be carried out by the 17 boarding bridges in Terminal 2. In addition, from April 1, runway 10/28, one of the two landing strips and take-offs, having activities closed during the crisis period, aiming at reducing the maintenance costs involved in the operation.

Financial obligations

Other actions are being implemented in order to ensure that financial obligations can be honored. One of them on wages directors and managers, who will suffer a 15% reduction from this month, so that the concessionaire can continue paying all employees on time. This measure will remain in force indefinitely.

RIOgaleo's commercial area is also renegotiating contracts with commercial establishments, with the objective of making operations sustainable, so that stores and restaurants can remain at the airport until the scenario returns to normal.

The airport vice president, Alexandre Monteiro, said that RIOgaleo is taking all measures that are within its power to honor its financial obligations and continue operating, in order to provide a “quality and essential service to Rio de Janeiro and the country. Tom Jobim International Airport is of fundamental importance for the economy of the city and the state of Rio de Janeiro, and when we are able to see a more favorable horizon for our cash flow, we will resume our activities in full ”, affirmed Monteiro.


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