(photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Ag
(photo: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Agencia Brasil)

The minister of infrastructure, Tarcsio Gomes de Freitas, met, this Thursday (26/3), by videoconference, with the attorney general of the republic, Augusto Aras, to establish a cooperation term between federal and state prosecutors and prosecutors. that guarantees the necessary articulation to avoid interruptions in the logistic flow and supply in Brazil during the confrontation of the coronavirus. The National Council of Transport Secretaries (Consetrans) and the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP) will integrate the agreement.

The purpose of the measure is to define channels of communication between local authorities, such as federal and state prosecutors and prosecutors, to be focal points on debts related to the infrastructure sector and to avoid judicial proceedings, favoring the solution of eventual conflicts in an articulated manner.

The effort between government and MPF is fundamental to guarantee the free flow of cargo transportation and to guarantee the supply of the country. “I am very grateful for the availability of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) for this alignment. We need to offer this contribution to society and unite all these bodies ”, said the minister.

Among the measures that may help this network are direct communication between the agencies and the MInfra, with a focus on prioritizing the transportation of food loads, medicines, sanitation materials, among others, taken through highways, railways, ports and airports across the country.


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