Revenue expects to receive 32 million documents this year (photo: Marcello Cascal Jr / Agencia Brasil)
Revenue expects to receive 32 million documents this year (photo: Marcello Cascal Jr / Agencia Brasil)

Within 25 days of submission of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2020, more than 7.5 million taxpayers settled their accounts with Leão. As of 5 pm today (26), 7,518,007 people had sent the document to IRS.

The total is equivalent to 23.5% of the 32 million statements expected for this year. The delivery deadline started on March 2 and runs until 11:59 pm on April 30 and has not been changed, even with the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who declare at the beginning of the period have priority to receive the refund, if they do not fill it with errors and omissions. People over 60 years old, with serious illnesses or physical disability they also receive the refund first.

The declaration generating program is available at IRS website. Those who choose mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, can download the My Income Tax application in stores Google Play, for the Android operating system, and App Store, for the iOS operating system.

The income tax declaration is mandatory for those who received taxable income in excess of R $ 28,559.70 last year, equivalent to R $ 2,196.90 per month, including the thirteenth. The fine for late delivery is set at 1% per calendar month up to 20%. The minimum amount is R $ 165.74.


At news for filing the declaration this year are available on the Revenue page. Among the main changes, are the anticipation in the refund schedule whose payment will start at the end of May and end at the end of September, and the end of the deduction of the INSS From domestic workers.

For the first time, taxpayers with digital certification will receive the pre-filled declaration in the generator program. Until now, they had to enter the Virtual Revenue Service Center (e-CAC), save the pre-filled form on the computer and import the file to fill out the declaration. This year, a donation of up to 3% of the tax due for elderly right.


It is also necessary to declare income tax who received exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxed income, the sum of which was more than R $ 40 thousand; who obtained, in any month of 2019, a capital gain on the sale of assets or rights subject to the levy of the tax or carried out transactions on stock exchanges, commodities and futures.

When it's about rural activity, is required to declare the taxpayer with a gross income greater than R $ 142,798.50. The person who had, on December 31 of last year, the possession or ownership of goods or rights, including bare land, with a total value in excess of R $ 300 thousand, must also complete the declaration.


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