Who there wants to have fun with a dangerous game? Liam Hemsworth star new series

This week Quibi released the first (and probably only) trailer for Most Dangerous Game, which features Liam Hemsworth and (two) Oscar winner Christoph Waltz in the cast. The information is TV Guide.

The series will be a contemporary version of the tale The Most Dangerous Game, by the legendary Richard Connell, about a man I am hunting for a poor man. Liam Hemsworth will play Dodge Tynes, a terminally ill man who seeks every means to save his wife (Sarah Gadon) and prevent his unborn child from dying.

Desperate, he seeks the help of a controversial man (Christoph Waltz) and ends up accepting the proposal. The plan? For 24 hours, he will be hunted by assassins. If he survives, he takes home $ 24.5 million. The screenplay is by Nick Santora (Scorpion) and Phil Abraham (Mad Men), who will also be executive producers.

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The disclosure of the episodes will be made in a curious way. Through a strategy of ‘Film in Chapters’, the digital platform will release weekly episodes with ten minutes or less in duration. In the United States, Quibi will be released on April 6th.

Curiously, The Most Dangerous Game also inspires one of the most controversial (non) released films of 2019, The hunt, about a group of southerners who are hunted down by wealthy liberals. Like this. Yet. That is why. Thus. For example.


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