Second folder, examination was carried out on the 18th (photo: Sergio LIMA / AFP)
Second folder, examination was carried out on the 18th
(photo: Sergio LIMA / AFP)

The Economy Minister's test, Paulo Guedes, for the new coronavirus was negative, released today (26) the folder. In a note, the ministry informed that the test was carried out on the 18th at the Planalto Palace and that the result came out on Friday (20th).

According to the statement, the material was sent by Armed Forces Hospital (HFA), from Braslia, for Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro, which performed the test analysis. Since last Friday, the minister has been working remotely from home, in Rio de Janeiro, where he participates in videoconferences.

O Ministry of Economy informed that the adoption of teleworking by the minister was a precautionary measure. “In order to avoid speculation, Minister Paulo Guedes reinforces his commitment to transparency and informing society of the result of any other examination if necessary,” the note said.

One of Guedes's special secretaries confirmed that he had contracted the coronavirus during the president's trip Jair Bolsonaro to the United States, at the beginning of the month. The Special Secretary for Foreign Trade and International Affairs, Marcos Troyjo, tested positive for the disease. However, according to the portfolio, he isolated himself at home after returning from the trip and did not meet the minister.


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