(photo: Editora Globo / Reproducao)

In between pandemic crisis, at publishers seek measures to reach the public and to minimize heat in the quarantine period. Companhia das Letras decided to make 10 e-books available for free. Editora Valentina has already chosen three works from the catalog.

You don't need an e-reader to read digital books. You can use your cell phone, tablet or computer. The books offered for free are: The secret Gardenby Frances Hodgson Burnett; Emergency lights will come on automatically, by Luisa Geisler; Posthumous memories of Brs Cubas, by Machado de Assis; Nothing I lack, by Loureno Mutarelli; The night of waiting, by Milton Hatoum; Kingdoms of Nose, by Monteiro Lobato; Let's go around the world, by Marina Klink; Verissimas, by Luis Fernando Verissimo; Journey to the center of the Earth, by Jlio Verne; and The village, by Raphael Montes.


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