“We look into the living room of the stars” has probably been the most frequently mentioned set of various television stations in the past two weeks. The corona virus has prevented TV professionals from continuing to produce their programs in studios as usual. Producers and presenters were suddenly forced to sit at home and stare at their own laptops.

Corona brings back the joy of experimentation

A virtue was finally made out of this need: why not produce the programs where the moderators are? The result was a flood of corona infotainment programs within a very short time. From Luke, alone at home on Sat.1, via live from Forster Strasse at VOX, to the quarantine flat share at RTL.

After the short enthusiasm came the disillusionment: So far all the shows have flopped with the audience and as RTL announced this afternoon, the quarantine flat share will be discontinued with immediate effect (via DWDL ). The right decision.


Thomas Gottschalk, Oliver Pocher and Günther Jauch

I recently wrote in a text that the program included Thomas Gottschalk, Oliver Pocher and Günther Jauch the perfect distraction from the corona crisis be. Which is true, because the longing for a daily constant in the form of these old show rabbits was great and was fulfilled.

Already in episode 2 it became clear that mere personalities are not everything. Without tangible content, boredom quickly spread. In the case of the three, you quickly noticed who was still actively working on his career, namely the hard-working Pocher, and who had already brought in the harvest and was basically just serving time.

The quarantine flat share: Pixel party with Gottschalk, Pocher and Jauch

If not much happens optically, then at least the entertainment machine has to be thrown on. I soon realized that little had happened there, when I preferred to watch what was going on in the background of Gottschalk's living room and how many inches his TV might have. Not a good sign.

Another problem: The quarantine flat share and Luke, alone at home, suffered from the fact that they could not decide what they wanted now: distraction from the corona virus by means of light entertainment or constant reminders of it through calls with affected people?

The thirst for information is particularly great these days. But I pick them up in special programs from the public service. However, I expect diversion from entertainers and show greats. I can feel the effects of the crisis firsthand, and Gottschalk doesn't have to tell me that again.

We watch more, but not every scrap

I would like to emphasize again that I absolutely welcome the experimentation of the TV stations. But blindly firing one pixelated webcam show after another doesn't help anyone in the end. I can also watch contentless video calls on Instagram, or during the day in phone calls with colleagues.

However, the webcam show crisis is not over yet. The big ProSieben Living Room Festival is already waiting for us tomorrow and from next Monday the star chef Frank Rosin will cook every day at home at kabel eins. We have to be strong now.

Was it the right decision to drop the quarantine flat share? What do you think?


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