Marcelo Rubens Paiva working on the adaptation of the novel 'Feliz ano Velho' (1982), to the series format (photo: Julia Moraes / Divulgao)

The romance Happy old year, 1980s success written by Marcelo Rubens Paiva, to be transformed into series by the producers Diane Maia and Joana Mariani, who acquired the rights to the work about four years ago.

Launched in 1982, the autobiographical novel chronicles the dramas and situations of the author who, at the age of 20, suffered an accident that left him paraplegic after diving into a lake on the banks of Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, in So Paulo. The book was written shortly after this experience and marked an entire generation.

Diane and Mariani, who were also influenced by the book, had the idea of ​​turning the content into series so that the new generations, in a context of popularizing the series, can also be marked by history. For this, some adaptations will be made to bring the story to the present day, all with the endorsement of the author of the book, who is also working on the adaptation.

Inserting itself in the series' own dynamics, the new script will go deeper into the plots of the secondary characters, like Marcelo's friends, and not just focus on the writer-narrator's perspective, as happens in the book. Primordial elements will be maintained, such as the murder of Marcelo's father, politician Rubens Paiva by the military dictatorship, when the writer was still a child

The producers claim that the context of the dictatorship will be maintained in the work, but have not yet revealed how the theme will be contextualized today. Production, via Mar Filmes, should start in 2020, but is still under development and negotiations with distributors.


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