O Paulista championship is paralyzed because of new coronavirus pandemic and has no expected return. With the future undefined, the football manager of Santo André, Edgard Montemor, said that he believes that the ABC team, the current leader in the general classification, is fair to be proclaimed champion.

In an interview with “Yahoo!” this Thursday (25th), Edgard explained that he would like to return to the State Championship, but that he sees the return of the tournament as an increasingly remote possibility.

“Of course we, not only Santo André, but we would all like the championship to return, that we could decide it on the pitch, but with each passing day the news will come and we will see that this may be impracticable. If that really happens, I agree. It is not because he is now an executive at Santo André, but I think it is fair ”, commented the executive.

“Regarding relegation, I believe that there should be no relegation in any division. Regarding the access champions too, I think they should be respected, not least because Santo André was not the leader in the tenth round, but for a long time in the competition ”, he continued.

Santo André is ahead of the Palm Trees in Group B the number of wins – both have 19 points. O Sao Paulo, leader of Group C, is the team that comes closest to them, with 18 points.

Edgard also revealed that the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) is in contact with the clubs during the break period, but that he still does not have a position on the future of the tournament.

“The Federation sent a statement to the clubs stating that it has been in daily contact with CBF, health and government agencies to see how the situation will be, trying first of all the best way to resolve the States. The Federation does not yet have a concrete position, but it is always in contact with the clubs, ”he said.

If the Paulista is played again, Santo André will have problems. This is because most of its players only have contracts until the beginning of April.

“The contracts of the vast majority of athletes expire in April, starting on the 7th. After the end of the month, Santo André runs out of players. In the event that the championship returns in June, I see Santo André unable to participate ”, concluded the soccer manager.


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