(photo: Lizandra Perobelli / SESC Campinas)
(photo: Lizandra Perobelli / SESC Campinas)

THE Biennial of So Paulo announced that, as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, the 34th edition suffer a series of changes.

The changes begin on the opening date of the group show, which changes from September 5 to October 3. According to the presidency of the Bienal Foundation, the delay is necessary because of the time to set up the exhibition, which is approximately three months.

At the time of the main exhibition, the objective was for the Bienal to spread throughout the city, with individual exhibitions by the participants, who would occupy 25 museums and cultural centers in São Paulo. The idea was to show different points of view and the individual potential of the artists.

With the pandemic, Ianni and Lawson's exhibits will be incorporated into a collective exhibition and will be spread across the Pavilion, in dialogue with works by other participants. Lawson's photographs, on the other hand, will be grouped in dense cores that will punctuate the show.

Another concern is the partnership between the Bienal and other cultural spaces, which had their programs postponed because of the coronavirus. As each of these agreements was negotiated individually, the president of the Bienal Olympio da Veiga Pereira explained that they are contacting each institution to adjust the new calendar.

However, Olympio believes that the concept of the exhibition is more alive than ever, and that as soon as the crisis passes, people will want to be in contact with the city and art, and says that they will be ready to receive them.


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