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Internet users have been doing thanks to the song 'Baby one more time' (photo: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

The name of the singer Britney Spears it has become one of the most talked about subjects among internet users in recent days. All because of their publications on social networks. In one, Britney asks the redistribution of wealth amid a new pandemic coronavirus. In another, she claims to have broken the world record in Usain Bolt. In addition, the American was honored by the Bahian Gilberto Gil that during isolation, the band Baby one more time with granddaughter Flora Gil. Check out the episodes that made the singer a success on the networks recently:


Amid a pandemic of the new coronavirus, Britney shared a message on social media in which it calls for the redistribution of wealth and strikes. The publication was enough for Internet users to make humorous comments calling her a communist.


On Wednesday night (3/25), the pop diva published an image on social media claiming to have run 100 meters in 5.97 secondsthus breaking Usain Bolt's world record and becoming the fastest person on the planet. Really?

Quarantine 'anthem'

When Britney released the song Baby one more time, in 1998, certainly did not think that the song would be so successful in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. On social media, during quarantine, netizens have done thanks to a stretch of the track that says, “My loneliness is killing me”.

In Gilberto Gil's repertoire

At home because of the new coronavirus pandemic, singer Gilberto Gil, 77, took the opportunity to update his repertoire. This Thursday (26/3), the Bahian shared a video on their social networks singing Baby one more time, by Britney, with granddaughter Flor Gil, 11.


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